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Heating your pool with gas, conventional electric or propane in Tucson, Arizona can be very expensive. Tucson's cool desert nights reduce most pools below comfortable temperatures for more than half of the year. The most economical way to increase your pool’s comfort and usage is to utilize the free energy from Tucson, Arizona's best natural resource, the sun. In Tucson, solar is by far the preferred choice for pool heating. In fact, solar warms so well that the state of Arizona is promoting the use of solar energy by offering a $1,000.000 SOLAR TAX CREDIT.


Solar has the ability to keep your pool’s temperature in the 80’s for up to 8 months (depending on weather extremes). By doubling your swimming season, you'll make the most of your swimming pool investment.


Heliocol Green Energy is the #1 Solar Pool Heating company in Arizona. We have thousands of satisfied clients who are enjoying the benefits of a warm, comfortable pool. The Heliocol solar system carries a full, 12-year warranty — just one of the many reasons we were chosen to heat the pools of the Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta and Athens.


For some pools, solar may not be an option. In these situations, we recommend the new SunX Environmental Pool Heater. The SunX Swimming Pool Heat Pump is rated as one of the most efficient and economical sources to heat your pool next to solar.


To get an accurate estimate of your pool heating system, our trained pool heating consultants will visit your home to determine your preferred swimming temperature and length of swimming season. The consultant will also size your pool, inspect your pool equipment and help you determine the best location for your solar system or environmental pool heater. This analysis and estimate is free of charge and comes with no obligation to purchase.


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